• Portable instrumentation for rotating machine diagnostics, including vibration meters, analysers, analyser/balancers, and analyser/data collectors.
  • Automated data collection systems, combining data collectors and analyser/data collectors with predictive maintenance software programs.
  • Continuous monitoring and automatic surveillance systems providing continuous protection, trending, alarms and analysis of critical machinery conditions.
  • Balancing systems consisting of instrumentation and machines for precision balancing during manufacture of rotating equipment, and in the repair and servicing of installed machines.
  • A wide variety of sensors and accessories for its instruments and systems.
  • BM150_mare
  • BM2200_eng
  • BM400_mare
  • apt326004
  • bm_console
  • d525_mare
  • digiViber_mare
  • polytron2
  • vm42

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