Experience has shown that the software and instruments are simply tools to help companies set up the required metrics on their machines. It is only through integration of the data that is introduced into the management philosophy of the customer organization that the benefits of using the tools can be realised.

To assist our customers in this, a whole variety of services programs are now offered by our consulting service team to ensure that the optimum financial returns are achieved from an investment in condition monitoring technology. These services include:

  • Audits and benchmarking of current practice to ensure that improvements can be properly measured, and that appropriate goals and plans can be drawn up.
  • Development of implementation plans, including financial justifications, technical specifications etc.
  • Training and start-up services.
  • Regular audits and review to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Complete program management services.
  • Contract condition monitoring.
  • Remote and on site problem diagnosis to ensure plant availability is maximised.
  • Service for in-site and in-house balancing of machinery rotors
  • Service for machinery alignment
  • Service, support for maintenance and calibration of the vibration instrumentation.

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